How to Visit Desert Safari Dubai

A desert has always remained a mysterious place. The light and burning rays of sun in noon time are the opposite of the darkness that covers the desert in night. Environment is so natural out there and it will always be a pleasure to see the nature this closely. It is a part of grandeur of deserts and there are much more surprises waiting if you go out there. But the question is that how to feel the pleasure of such beautiful and mesmerizing desert. The simple answer is that you go for a desert safari.
Desert Safari
A desert safari dubai means going through the uneven terrain through desert hills and slopes. It is such a experience where words are not enough to give the feeling that one feels there. Going on a desert safari is no doubt a fun but there are many things that should be kept in mind when you plan for this type of trip.
Choosing a way to do a desert safari mainly depends on your preferences, choices and you budget. There are many options for a desert safari and most of them are discussed below.
4x4 Jeep Safari
It is the most commonly chosen method for safari purpose. Usually a powerful jeep is selected for going on a dubai safari trip. These jeeps are usually more than 3000 cc power and are 4 wheel drive vehicles. Purpose of having a four wheel drive is to reduce the chances of tyres being stuck in sand while on a safari.
Hummer Safari
Although a Hummer also falls under the category of 4x4 jeeps, however, it is separately stated as it is one the most luxurious safari ride. Hummer itself is considered a powerful beast having an engine of more than 6000cc and is more suitable for this purpose.
Quad bike Safari
A quad bike is basically a four wheel bike with a minimum of 250cc engine. Trend of using a quad bike as a safari ride is increasing with the passage of time. There is a simple reason behind it; and it is that riding a quad bike is more thrilling experience if you are riding it by yourself and hence it gives you more pleasure.
Off Road Kart Safari
Road Karts are somewhat similar to a quad bike with some differences. Road karts, however, are not taken in desert because they have a greater chance of being stuck in sand because of their design. Yet these are still popular for being used for an off road kart safari purpose.
Desert Horse Safari
Now this is something really adventurous but is not meant for you; if you do not have strong senses and are not able to ride a horse. Riding a horse is a fun; and riding it in dubai desert is something more than just fun. It is a thrill that is only suited for you if you want to go beyond limits. Riding a horse on sandy hills make it a memorable event that you will not be able to forget for the whole of your life.